Tout Se Pa!

Riva started teaching dance classes regularly in 2016. She created a Haitian folkloric workshop series comprising of 7 classes. Riva also offers one-off workshops, focusing on one specific rhythm and dance at a time.

Tout Se Pa is the perfect way to learn about Haitian culture, rhythm and dance while practicing a healthy lifestyle. Whether you've taken Haitian folklore in the past and want to reconnect or have been curious about art for some time, this experience welcomes all who want to uplift and embrace the beauty Haitian culture has to offer.

Each week focuses on a specific rhythm and its accompanying dance moves. We briefly discuss the colors and elements associated with each.  Classes are one hour long with live Haitian drumming. Here's an outline of the rhythms and dances frequently covered: 

Yanvalou, Congo,  Mayi, Nago, Ibo, Petro, Banda

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Gede Zarenyen, also known as the Spider Dance

Haitian dances and rhythms are full of colors and shapes.

Banda, is traditionally danced low to the ground and with a cane.

Tout Se Pa is a great way to build community, meet like-minded women and men who are equally interested in supporting, uplifting, and promoting Haitian culture. 

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